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Loadstar PVT LTD

Loadstar, a joint venture between Solideal and the Jinasena
Group of Sri Lanka, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers
of solid rubber tyres. The company manufactures exclusively for
Solideal, one of the world’s leading industrial tyre distributors,
which has a 20-25% share of the industrial solid rubber tyre
market and operates within a network spanning 90 countries. In
addition to solid tyres, Loadstar manufactures pneumatic tyres,
rims and rubber tracks and supplies about 90% of Solideals
product requirement.
Incorporated in 1984, Loadstar has grown leaps and bounds to
become what it is today. Employing over 7000 employees in six
manufacturing facilities, Loadstar contributes to over 3.5% of Sri
Lankan exports.
Having commenced its business with the production of solid
rubber tyres, Loadstar later expanded into the production of
pneumatic tyres, rims and rubber tracks; these enabling Solideal
to provide customers with a comprehensive product range.
Loadstar is a BOI approved company.

The Company
Joint Venture Partners
Solideal (SD) of Belgium and Jinasena Group Companies
(JGC) which was incorporated in 1984 has brought
together the proven engineering and management skills
of the JGC and the technical know-how in tyre design
and production expertise, to market the product globally
through SD.
According to the joint venture agreement between the
partners, the local collaborator largely handles the
production and engineering functions of the operations
while the foreign collaborator handles the designing and
the marketing functions of the products.
“LPL was ranked 57 in world tyre industry.” - ‘Tyre
Business magazine’
Presently the company is focusing on benchmarking and
reaching greater heights in the global market.
LPL is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Ekala Tyre Division
LPL’s first production unit was established in Ekala,
and is referred to as Ekala Tyre Division (ETD). This
factory which once assembled motor scooters, has been
converted into a Solid Tyre Manufacturing plant.

Kotugoda Tyre Division
The next factory to be commissioned was Kotugoda Tyre
Division (KTD) in 1992. The factory which once belonged
to Rubberite Ltd producing shoe soles , was acquired
by Loadstar and converted into a pneumatic tyre
production factory. With ETD reaching its maximum out
put and experiencing healthy growth and along with the
increase in the demand for solid tyres, another solid tyre
production unit was setup in KTD.

Central Mixing Plant
The KTD complex also houses a Central Mixing Plant.
This fully computerized state of the art and mixing plant,
is one of its kind in the country. The complex which
consist of an area in extent of 10 acres

Ekala Metal Product Division
EMPD was established in 1994 and produces metal
products such as industrial wheels, rims, axles,
assemblies, etc. The Manufacturing of wheels enables
us to supply assemblies of tyres and wheels to Original
Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) which simplifies there
production lines.

Kyoto Metal Product Division
Commissioned in the year 2003, this is the latest metal
products facility of LPL. Kyoto Plant was acquired from
Minebea Co., of Kyoto, Japan. This is a completely
automated unit consisting of ten production lines
specialising in construction wheels.

Midigama Tyre Division
This factory which is identified as MTD is situated in
Midigama. MTD which was commissioned in 1998, is
the most technologically advanced of all the factories.
The complex houses the factory, staff accommodation, a
six hectare rubber plantation.
This factory produces pneumatic and solid tyres as well
as rubberized track for construction machinery. LPL is
one of the leading companies in the world that has the
technology to produce rubber tracks.

Jinasena Industrial Park
In order to provide expert assistance for Engineering
skills of the organisation, the company’s Engineering
Services and Steel Band Divisions are operational at the
Jinasena Industrial Park, Ekala.

Ancillary Product Division
The Ancillary Product Division of LPL., started in 2004
specializes in the manufacturing of Ancillary products
necessary for the production of Tyres.

Palena Stores Complex
Since July 2005, the company has the added facility of
a well equipped storage complex, located at Palena near
Midigama factory.

Kuruwita Tyre Division
Kuruwita was a government owned facility producing
solid tyres. Which was later owned by LPL in 2003,
under the government industrialisation and privatisation

Cinco Stores Complex
The Cinco storage complex opened in 200 is situated
at Ekala. This facility is specialised in field storage and
field preparation for wheel manufacturing.

Rubber Collecting Centers
LPL consumes about 70% of the total annual sheet
rubber production in the country. In order to achieve
consistency, the company collects rubber in adequate
quantities at prices that are attractive to the producers,
through the network of fifteen rubber collecting centers
covering six major rubber producing Districts.
Colombo District
Rathnapura District
Rathnapura, Kuruwita, Yatiyantota, Thaligama,
Ruwanwella, Kiriella
Kegalle District
Warakapola, Pinnawela
Kalutara District
Horana, Meegahatenna
Matara District
Akuressa, Kamburupitiya
Monaragala District

Engineering Manufacturing Division
LPL has a very strong Engineering Manufacturing Division
to support its production facilities. The company has
over 20 qualified and well-experienced engineers of
various disciplines attached to this division. The company
has developed an in-house engineering expertise to
design and fabricate sophisticated mixers, tyre building
machines and presses. The company undertakes all its
installation work using in house staff. Loadstar also
commended on its very strong engineering capabilities
in the fields of automation hydraulic engineering and
electronic engineering. This is evidence of Loadstar’s
strong engineering capabilities

Loadstar Training Center
Staff training at loadstar is focused on the development
of individuals and to satisfy human capital management
needs . Training of staff has helped to create a professional
corporate culture and has significantly added towards
the retention of employee.
Training facilitates the following transition
• Operational to Strategic
• Short Term to Long Term
• Administrative to Consultative
• Functionally Oriented to Business Oriented
• Internally Focused to Customer Focused
• Reactive to Proactive
• Creating a dynamic professional environment
• Focusing on both individual and organisation
• Benchmarking best practices
• Creating a responsive high performance culture
• Promoting knowledge sharing through learning and development

Main Products

Designed for heavy duty services and these are suitable
for Forklift, Trailers, Access Equipment, GSE and Port

Developed to meet the toughest demands of construction
environments. Suitable for backhoe, Wheeled Excavator,
Skid Steers, Dumpers, Graders and Compactors.

Three stage natural rubber constructions, absorbs the
shock and provides maximum driver comfort. Suitable for
Forklift, Access Equipment, GSE and Port applications.

Rubber tracks to suit all Mini Excavators, Power Barrows
and Tracked Dumpers. Plus Over Tyre Tracks to suit all
major skid steer machines.

To complement our extensive range of tyres Loadstar
manufactures industrial wheel and rims.